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12/12/2020: I'm providing Telehealth (Video & Phone) for clients in California. I have been extremely pleased how well Telehealth is working, and have transitioned my practice to Telehealth exclusively. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Welcome to my Home on the Web! 

I’m glad that you have taken a minute to look at my webpage. I look forward to meeting you, and would like to share a little information about myself.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a systems specialist, with a Telehealth practice based in Irvine, CA. I began practicing in Corona in 1982, first as an Intern and fully licensed (LMFT 19383) since July 1984. As a therapist, I work with all age ranges, with an emphasis on marital and family issues. I also have a special interest and extensive experience with High Functioning Autism and Asperger’s Disorder. I work with depression, anxiety, trauma, and substance abuse issues. I enjoy community speaking, and I love systems consultation.

As a systems specialist, I find that hidden glitch that prevents the system from success. Whether it is with an individual, couple, family, organization, or corporation, my experience and expertise is guiding people into the solutions they might not otherwise see. None of us can see the whole picture, therefore the perspective of a trained observer can make all the difference.

I believe that none of us are what we were intended to be. We are all broken, and fall short of our potential. There is no shame or guilt in this. When we can accept this fact, it allows us the freedom to grow, step by step, into what we were originally designed to be. My hope, my passion, is to be able to help you toward this goal.

Most of us have tried many different ways to deal with our difficulties in life. Some of our coping skills have been very creative, but “coping” skills always come at a cost. Coping is often just surviving, not thriving. My goal is to help you move beyond “coping” to thriving in a full life.

Paradoxically, I have found that when we work on a relationship, making the relationship our primary focus, the relationship often gets worse. When each of us focuses on becoming what we were designed to be, we get better, and so does the relationship. As a successful designer and director of hospital programs, I learned that even a small shift in perspective, effectively implemented, can dramatically improve the outcome.

Much of what I have learned has not been from books or school, but from the mistakes I’ve made in life. There is a lesson to be learned from each mistake, if I can stay humble enough to hear it and see it. I tell folks that I have pretty much driven into every pothole in life, some more than once, but if it helps one person, it is worth it.

If this is a road you would like to travel, I would love to have the opportunity to join you on the journey.  

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